Monday, September 26, 2016

Awww Monday with Namcoke the Innocent Puppy

"I wonder what my nose taste like" - Namcoke the dumb dog

"namcoke" is how you say Coca Cola in Thai 

Some mean people were saying Namcoke was an ugly dog. We gave him a mohawk so people would call him a rock star

"I need a spike collar to complete the punk look" - Namcoke the weird dog 

Dynamic Duo, Namcoke and Bipole
It's People! Soylent Green is PEOPLE!

Namcoke is a lover not a fighter... except for cats, snakes, birds, frogs, geckos and flies

"On a slightly more scientific note, did you know that a dog nose print is as unique as a human fingerprint?" - Namcoke the science nerd 
Dog tired : "Play till you drop"
Namcoke is very active. 
It's either ninety miles an hour or all stop 

Namcoke has a high center of gravity problem because of his long legs. His feet can't stop his forward motion.
Namcoke watching TV

Knowing that dogs react to what is on the TV, some companies have gone all out to create dog-friendly TV entertainment.

Dog food brand BAKERS® created a dog-friendly commercial in an attempt to sell the food directly to the consumer and not the dog owner. The 60-second commercial shows a group of dogs stealing a BAKERS® delivery truck, and also includes a high-pitched sound and barking dogs to catch dogs' attention.

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