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Lana Wood (Plenty O'Toole) is hosting this titillating meta blog post, with some help from a bevy of little chickadees. Plus a bus load of neat and groovy stuff

Plenty O'Toole: "Hi, I'm Plenty."
James Bond: "But of course you are."
Plenty O'Toole: "Plenty O'Toole."
James Bond: "Named after your father perhaps?" 

Cutting Edge Firms Funded by the CIA
In-Q-Tel (named after "Q" in the James Bond films) invests in companies that can deliver useful technology to the intelligence community within 36 months. 

A slice of Lana Wood cheesecake 

Mocho Dude has plenty of NSFW Lana Wood photos

National Enquirer (“Hey, Martha, you gotta read this!”)  isn't a tabloid you think of as being vintage, but it goes back more than half a century, which makes it concurrent with revered publications like Confidential and Hush-Hush. This cover featuring Lana Wood caught my eye because, well, because she's Lana Wood. It also says she had three husbands before age twenty. That's true. She married Jack Wrather, Jr. in 1962, when she was sixteen, followed by Karl Brent and Stephen Oliver. Interestingly, all online sources say the Oliver marriage was in 1967, but this Enquirer dates from a year earlier, in fact from today in 1966. So someone is seriously wrong. Since we have evidence, we're saying all the online sources are mistaken. Wouldn't be the first time. 

In the 40's came the first bat man movie called " The Batman ", at a time when the world was plunged into World War II and the film became a great source of fun and also information. It was in this climate that Batman came out of comics and also came to the cinema. 

Although it is an adventure film, it's very different from what we know today of Batman movies. For example, Batman and Robin were not vigilantes, but FBI agents. They also did not fight battles with eccentric or comical villains. The main enemy of them was a Japanese scientist. The film was filled with anti-Japanese propaganda, because at that time the United States was at war with Japan and its allies.

The Five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) is in operation in Pingtang, in southwestern China's Guizhou province on September 25, 2016 
“If we’re going to look for life on Mars, it would be really kind of lame to bring Earth life and find that instead.” - Cassie Conley, NASA’s planetary protection officer 

NASA's Hubble Spots Possible Water Plumes Erupting on Jupiter's Moon Europa

Bullwinkle is originally from the state of Moosylvania, a small island in the Lake of the Woods, and is actually its governor. The ownership of the state is the subject of dispute between the United States and Canada, with each country claiming it belongs to the other. As a publicity stunt, Ward and Bill Scott, the show's head writer and voice of Bullwinkle, bought a small island on a Minnesota lake, named it Moosylvania and started a national tour and petition drive to campaign for Moosylvania's statehood. After visiting 50 cities and collecting signatures, they went to Washington to present President Kennedy with their petition. At the White House gate they declared, "We're here to see President Kennedy. We want statehood for Moosylvania." They were escorted from the property at gunpoint and didn't learn until days later that they had shown up during the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis. On the show, Rocky and Bullwinkle had much better luck getting their petition delivered.


"Lindsey Stirling, the violinist/dancer who’s become a superstar by ignoring conventional music wisdom" - The Rule 5 Wombat Dude

 Milana Vayntrub (aka Lilly from the AT and T commercials)

Dialing Tips circa 1950 American Telephone and Telegraph - Bell System 

Dial “R” for Retro: 1960s-80s Ladies and Their Old-School Telephones

A late night ad for a phone-sex company in a galaxy far far away with some very furry operators. 1-900-Roar! 

The red hot Priyanka Chopra, the Quantico (Alex Parish) chick

 Marilyn Monroe Photographed by Earl Moran, Late 1940’s

Anastasiya Kvitko

Fred Dude's Friday Babes

Big Boob Friday with Anastasiya Kvitko

Friday Night Babe is  Baylee Curran

Coplay with Stephanie Michelle

Friday Femme Fatale

BeCos(play) It's Friday

Cosplay this week

Asian Underboob Extravaganza

Stickboy does Bangkok

Vintage Babe of the Week is Virginia Grey

Rule 5 - Marion Cotillard - The "Other" Woman?

Christina Lucci (aka Christina Model)

Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado has been the most controversial Miss Universe in the history of the Pageant. After being crowned Miss Universe 1996, Alicia Machado title was in jeopardy due to a massive weight gain. Alicia Machado turned it around by shedding the weight and recovering her sexy figure. Since then Alicia Machado has been in and out of the tabloids. Alicia Machado is the only ex Miss Universe to pose for the Playboy Magazine. Alicia Machado most controversial moment happened during her participation in a Spanish Reality show called “La Granja”. The sexy Latina shocked us with her appearance in the sex video scandal which features her having sex with another celebrity.

A Guide to the Stranger or Pocket Companion for the Fancy was a “correct list and description of the greater portion of the Houses of Ill-Fame in Philadelphia” published in 1849. The book reviewed both the brothels and bed houses—those rooms rented by the hour. 

"The best posts I have seen this week" - Proof Positive Dude

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere?

Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CXCXVIII)

Rodney's far out space

NSFW Fred Dude the enlightened blogger

US ready to 'hand over' the internet's naming system to Icann - the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - a non-profit organisation. And No... President Barack Obama is not handing off control of Internet domains to a foreign multi-national operation.

Communists Monitor Social Media Friends, Chat Groups 

Internet vigilantism is on the rise. So far, digital avengers have more or less limited their activities to shaming and exposing pedophiles, con men and giant douchebags. However, one can easily see a future where the moral-minded folks dish their harsh citizen justice out on anyone who steps outside the tight parameters of their idea of acceptable behavior

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