Monday, October 3, 2016

Awww Monday with Mooyoung the Rescue Dog

"In Thai "moo" is pork and "young" is barbecue" - Mooyoung being coy 

"I was rescue from the mean streets during one of the big floods" - Mooyoung

She is still afraid of the Gas Man, Garbage Men and thunderstorms 

"Snack Time... Snack Time... SNACK TIME DUDE!" - Mooyoung

"Not sure if you added enough chillies, let me taste test again" - Mooyoung 

"Sometimes you just gotta wait for the batteries to charge..." - Mooyoung

"Popa, hold me and tell me a bedtime story" - Mooyoung

"Pinko the commie and Bipole the crazy dog are my sons" - Mooyoung  

Vintage Photos of Cute Kids in Melbourne from the 1940s-50s

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