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The sultry Angie Dickinson leads this way back meta blog post. With a Ellen Rometsch, the JFK spy chick, passing science and other secret data onto the loyal readers of this magazine.  

Angie Dickinson with the Rat Pack  

 Angie Dickinson's personal life made the covers of tabloids for years with rumors of a relationship with John F. Kennedy and many others! 

"I dress for women and I undress for men." - Angie Dickinson

A BIG slice of Angie Dickinson cheesecake 

Mocho Dude has all the naughty Angie Dickinson photos
Plenty more of Angie Dickinson

Pre-release publicity for Brian De Palma’s Dressed to Kill admitted that a nude stand-in had been used for Angie Dickinson’s steamy shower scene opener. Two weeks before the film reached theaters, sub-distributor re-released the 1974 drive-in hit Big Bad Mama with the promise that audiences would “see all of Angie Dickinson.” Sleazy for sure, but no one could accuse him of false advertising

The Rolling Stones - Angie 

Ads From The Past That Offend Women
Snopes “Debunks” Hillary Smells Like Cabbage Story

Torn From The Headlines: The Weekly World News Is (Kinda) Back 

Ellen Rometsch
John F. Kennedy And The East German "Spy" Who Loved Him

Ellen Rometsch Shortly before his assassination in 1963, President John F, Kennedy had a fling with Ellen Rometsch, a beautiful young woman originally from the German Democratic Republic, who had come to Washington with her husband, a sergeant in the West German air force.  In Washington she was soon spotted by Bobby Baker. a friend of the president who was always on the lookout for new "talent." 

Evidently Ellen Rometsch was as talented in bed as she was beautiful. Bobby Baker recalled a phone call he received from JFK shortly after his first encounter with Ellen Rometsch: ‘She really loved oral sex... She went to the White House several times. And President Kennedy called me and said it’s the best head-job he’d ever had, and he thanked me,’

JFK's principal adversary and detractor in Washington, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover caught wind of the affair and suspected a honey trap, since Ellen Rometsch had been a member of a "communist youth group" in East Germany:

J. Edgar Hoover received information that John Kennedy was having a relationship with Ellen Rometsch. In July 1963 Federal Bureau of Investigation agents questioned Ellen Romesch about her past. They came to the conclusion that she was probably a Soviet spy. Hoover actually leaked information to the journalist, Courtney Evans, that Ellen Romesch worked for Walter Ulbricht, the communist leader of East Germany. When Robert Kennedy was told about this information, he ordered her to be deported.

Dawn has just completed another outstandingly successful observation campaign at Ceres

Juno update: 53.5-day orbits for the foreseeable future 

What's up in the solar system, November 2016 edition 

Insight Astronomy Photographer Of The Year 2016 Winners 

Images have been released showing the orbital complex of Shenzhou-11 and Tiangong-2. Tiangong-2 - which means “Heavenly Palace” in Chinese, is the vehicle in the lower half of the image. The three modules of Shenzhou-11 - meaning “Divine Craft”

The combined Shenzhou-Tiangong complex measures 65 feet long with a maximum solar array wingspan of 55 feet.

Long March 5 launch blasts China into age of space station and deep space exploration

Experiment: Swinging like Tarzan
Red hair and Cosplay go together like science and science fiction 

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