Friday, November 25, 2016


Dana Delaney is hosting this magnificent meta blog post, for no particular reason. However, SexyCyborgs were included because grapes are in season.

Dana Delaney Cheesecake 
"When you do a nude scene with an actor, he sometimes gets an erection if he's into the scene. It's sort of a compliment, isn't it?" - Dana Delaney
Rule 5 - Dana Delaney 

Dana Delaney with the Mocho Dude

"I like water; naked in water. The combination's good. Everybody looks good underwater. The truth is because of the water and the buoyancy, you look good. Nobody looks bad underwater." - Dana Delaney

It’s pretty amazing how large the U.S. economy is, and the map above helps put America’s GDP of $18 trillion in 2015 into perspective by comparing the GDP of U.S. states to other country’s entire national GDP. 
Pole Dancing Robots
Latest Humanoid Robots Designed To Match Human Capabilities and Emotions

A Pocket Guide to the Robot Revolution

SexyCyborg 3D Body Scan

SexyCyborg is Dismantling Cliches About Women in Tech, One Boob Shot at a Time

I could not get longer legs (height is most important in China) so I decided a big chest (800cc cohesive gel implants) was the next best thing for looking more interesting. I am a transhumanist with an interest in any kind of human augmentation. Any robot parts I can get I would- that’s why “Cyborg”. - SexyCyborg

All of SexyCyborg's photos

Great Pulp Covers 

 Most if not all of the following Rule 5 links are to pics of women with few or no clothes, and since these are generally considered NSFW, the Turkey Carver encourages using discretion in your clicking.

Rule 5 - Blood Moon Rising, Moon Bloodgood

You can rent this place... Cheap!
How to deal with Black Friday without hordes and violence. If you suffer with Enochlophobia (fear of crowds) or if you just don't like shopping, this blog is for you! 

Fred Dude's Friday Babes

Big Boob Friday with  Anfisa Chekhova

Friday Night Babe is Ilana Becker

Friday Femme Fatale

BeCos(play) It's Friday

Cosplay this week

Girls of the Redheaded Rebellion

Gigi Hadid

Mermaids... Lots of mermaids

Thai Chicks With Giant Jugs

Vintage Babes of the Week

Star Trek Meets Mad Magazine

"The best posts I have seen this week" - Proof Positive Dude

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere

Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCXVI)

Rodney's far out space

NSFW Fred Dude the incredible blogging Dude 

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