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We Have Transformation - Risqué E-Comic

Some Weirdness... Wait for it

Keep in mind that this comic book was published a year before the Comics Code Authority changed the face of comics in 1954

Note: The panels will enlarge

Fish on Mars - LOL

Back in 1952, nobody felt obliged to be so supportive to Christine Jorgensen. She was universally viewed as something sick, twisted, and unhealthy, an object of horrified fascination. 

 Christine Jorgensen, the most famous transsexual of her day. Christine Jorgensen had been born George Jorgensen and had lived unhappily as a male for twenty-five years. After a stint in the Army, he learned about the possibility of becoming more feminine and started by taking hormones, and later traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark to have his male sex organs removed. At the time, Denmark used castration on sexual criminals, which is why the procedure was legal there. Christine Jorgensen, now female in appearance, returned to the U.S. and New York’s Daily News broke her story with one of the most famous headlines in publishing history: Ex-G.I. Becomes Blonde Beauty. 

Christine Jorgensen parlayed the recognition into a show business career. Christine Jorgensen finished the last of her reassignment surgeries in the mid-1950s and, now sexually female, continued in show business for many years. She danced in Las Vegas, appeared on The Dick Cavett Show, was voted “Miss Neutral Zone” by American soldiers serving in Korea 

  Vintage Burlesque with GOODSTUFF

Female Drag Queens 

"Book me for your children's parties (p.s. that's not toilet paper hanging from my dress it's my lanyard" - Taylamac

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