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Closing out this horrendous year with a tremendous meta blog post. Where Tara Reid's notorious boobs lead some spurious Arctic climate change reporting

Tara Reid shared a series of scary underwater pics of herself cave diving in Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico

Large Tara Reid gif doing a Sharknado thing

Tara Reid showing off her every changing money makers

Tara Reid has had many adventures in cosmetic surgery. At this point, who cares what's natural?
 “They make my breasts look faker!” - Tara Reid on frequent breast implants

Breast Implants are silicone-based squeeze-toys that can be inserted into a woman's chest to make their boobs bigger. It also aids in amusement of men by giving them a purpose to actually squeeze a tit for more then five minutes before getting bored, because it makes a squeaky air sound and is fun to play with.

Tara Reid Notorious Playboy Shoot

Sultress - Tara Reid

Rule 5 - Tara Reid

Vintage Ads from the 1910 World Almanac

Jules Verne's Nautilus Wallpapers

The bogus ‘North Pole becomes a lake’ story

The subject of the extent of Arctic ice cover has been much in the news, with an apparently unending series of attempts to predict its future extent on the basis of a relatively few years’ worth of data. However, it is possible to make some general predictions, based on a much longer-term sequence of historical events. Obviously these will not be accurate predictions, since they are based on mere verifiable historical data, unlike, say, the highly accurate predictions of the IPCC based on computer models which no doubt will soon tell us of balmy tropical seas to be found in the Arctic in the near future. 

The Arctic was navigable in the early 1940’s, although people might be forgiven for not noticing it at the time because World War II happened to be in progress then. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police schooner St Roch sailed across the Arctic ocean west to east during the period 1940-1942, and in 1944 made the east to west return trip. During the period 1944-1948 she again patrolled Arctic waters. The St Roch was not a 30,000 ton purpose-built ice breaker, but was instead a 300 ton wooden schooner. Granted, she was a tough little boat designed for Arctic conditions, but she had no significant ice-breaking capability, so there must have been open water for her all the way.

Skate (SSN-578), surfaced at the North Pole, 17 March 1959


Seadragon (SSN-584), foreground, and her sister Skate (SSN-578) during a rendezvous at the North Pole in August 1962

USS Pargo at the North Pole in 1993

USS Hawkbill at the North Pole, Spring 1999
(lots of ice)

The point is, the North Pole is not static, ice varies significantly. The Arctic is not static either. Variance is the norm.

Commander Bill Battle, captain of the famous atomic sub, is a smart guy! In the face of an attack by spheres sent by an underground Antarctic (“Antarcs”) civilization, only Bill is smart enough to figure out what to do. And luckily, he has the pull to get it done. When a man’s only boss is the President of the United States that gives him a lot of clout. Bill really has President’s confidence. Bill can order up a special atomic shell to fight the enemy. He can come up with a scheme to have his sub picked up and flown into what looks like a sure suicide mission, dropped directly onto the ice with an idea to plow through and detonate the new atomic shell! 

Incredible and Weird Moments in History Made Into GIFs from the National Archives

Top 10 Science Stories of 2016

Debbie Reynolds

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Happy New Year

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