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GOODSTUFFs Time Machine™ presents the Texas rebel Candy Barr. Plus, This Gong Xi Fa Cai ( 恭喜发财 ) meta blog post contains enough science and udder stuff for everybody

Candy Barr was an American stripper, burlesque exotic dancer, actress in one pornographic movie, and pin-up model for men's magazines of the mid-20th century.

The story of the real-life Candy Barr (born Juanita Dale Slusher in Edna, Tex), was one of innocence lost at an early age. 

Candy Barr ran away from home at 13. She made her way to Dallas, where she found work in a hot-sheet motel, making beds by day and turning tricks at night. 

At 14, she married a young Dallas safecracker named Billy Debbs. They became kind of like a teenage Bonnie and Clyde, article. He cracked the safes; she drove the getaway car.

When Debbs was shipped off to prison, his young wife wiled away her lonely evenings dancing at seedy Dallas nightclubs. Soon, men were paying her for sex. The grainy black-and-white movie, titled "Smart Aleck," came out in 1951 and circulated nationwide. The film "became the 'Deep Throat' of its time."

Candy Barr Teaches Joan Collins To Dance Burlesque
In January 1956, Candy Barr was charged with aggravated assault when she shot her second husband after he kicked in the door of her Dallas apartment. Strangely, her manager asked the sheriff to raise her bail to increase the publicity and sensationalism around the event. The charges were eventually dropped...
Candy Barr being naked and stuff

In October 1957, Dallas police raided Candy Barr's apartment, arrested her for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, and she received a 15 year prison sentence. she would only serve 3 years and 4 months

While her marijuana case was on appeal, Candy Barr danced around the country in various men's clubs, and ended up becoming the girlfriend of notorious gangster Mickey Cohen. While incarcerated, Candy Barr was returned to Los Angeles as a witness in the tax evasion trial of her former boyfriend, Mickey Cohen. Candy Barr testified that he paid $15,000 to her attorneys and lavished gifts on her during their brief engagement. She said that among the other gifts she received from him were jewelry, luggage, and a poodle. It was her understanding, she said, that Cohen was to settle a clothing bill of hers for $1,001.95

Candy Barr worked for and ended up friends with Jack Ruby. Remember him? Ruby was the guy who shot and killed John Kennedy's assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. Twelve hours after Lee Harvey Oswald was murdered by Ruby, the FBI arrived in Edna to interview Candy Barr. She made a statement, as Juanita Dale Phillips, regarding her knowledge of Ruby prior to the JFK assassination and Ruby's subsequent murder of Oswald. It was rumored that she knew more than she told them, but she later said, "They thought Ruby had told me names and places and people, which he didn't." 

Candy Barr type cheesecake

Crime Doesn't Pay

 Mugshots From When Montreal Was Vice Central

Martian rock slab called ‘Old Soaker’
Curiosity rover finds cracked mud on Mars!

Thirteen years. That is how long NASA’s Opportunity rover has now been exploring Meridiani Planum on Mars; not bad for a robot which was designed with a hoped-for nominal 90-day mission.

NASA has released 2,540 new photos of Mars 

Let's talk about this whole Moon vs. Mars thing for human spaceflight
This letter from Jimmy Carter on board Voyager, has now left the Solar System and is in Interstellar Space

We are made of starstuff!

For the past few decades, humans have ceded thrones to artificial intelligence in games of all kinds. In 1995, a program called Chinook won a man vs. machine world checkers championship. In 1997, Garry Kasparov, probably the best (human) chess player of all time, lost a match to an IBM computer called Deep Blue. In 2007, checkers was “solved,” mathematically ensuring that no human would ever again beat the best machine. In 2011, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter were routed on “Jeopardy!” by another IBM creation, Watson. And last March, a human champion of Go, Lee Sedol, fell to a Google program in devastating and bewildering fashion. Poker may be close to all we have left…

But not, perhaps, for long: “The Machines Are Coming For Poker.”

Goodbye online poker... in a few years it will be algorithm vs algorithm

Melania Trump, the  Alchemist
Gwyneth Paltrow - A Waste of Perfectly Good Jade

Khanittha ‘Mint’ Phasaeng, who won the title of Miss Uncensored News Thailand, knelt before her mother in front of filthy rubbish bins to thank her mother, who raised her alone with dedication, and hard work with the little money she made from collecting and recycling trash.

The amazing Nerissa Irving
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Why Superman Turned Lois Lane Black And Then Refused To Marry Her In 1970

Detroit in the 1940s - upheaval
Female guards, placed on duty at the Naval Ordnance Plant, operated by the Hudson Motor Car Company in Detroit, Michigan, learn how to sight guns on August 7, 1942. In the front row, the girls sight 38 caliber police pistols; those in the back row with 30-30 rifles. At present the girls are unarmed, serving only as escorts for persons entering the plant, but are using weapons on the target range in preparation.

Eva Marie Saint

Art By Ruiz Burgos

Rule 5 American Power style

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Gong Xi Fa Cai

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Thus, Gong Xi Fa Cai means wishing you to be prosperous in the coming year.

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