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GOODSTUFFs Time Machine™ rediscovers the burlesque performer, Sally Rand. With supplementary retro and vintage stuff

Sally Rand (Helen Beck) came to Hollywood in the early 1920s, and appeared primarily in supporting or uncredited roles in films beginning in 1925, as well as comedy shorts. When she began working for the Cecil B. DeMille stock company of actors, DeMille changed her name to Sally Rand, reportedly inspired by a Rand McNally road atlas. 

The slang word randy means, as a an adjective, "sexually aroused; full of sexual lust". As a noun, it can also mean "a boisterous, coarse, loose woman".

Sally Rand was gradually appearing in larger film roles and was becoming a fan favorite, and appearing on film magazine covers. In 1927, she was named one of 13 "WAMPAS Baby Stars" -- a promotional campaign sponsored by the Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers from 1922 to 1934 to identify actresses the group believed were on the threshold of movie stardom.


However, had a pronounced lisp and a distinct Ozark twang, and the advent of sound effectively ended Sally Rand Hollywood career after about 20 film appearances. 

Classic Portraits of Sally Rand
While working at the Paramount Club in Chicago, Sally Rand came up with the idea of her famous "fan dance," which featured her dancing while twirling two enormous pink fans made of ostrich feathers, and giving the idea that she was nude behind the feathers.

At the time, despite what the audience wanted to see, hoped to see or though they saw, Sally Rand's nudity was an illusion. She typically wore a flesh-colored body stocking or a thick layer of body paint behind the fans, and her dance typically included her appearing in silhouette behind an illuminated screen. 

Her fan work was so adept that even the most sharp-eyed and attentive customer couldn't be completely sure what she was or wasn't wearing. And they probably didn't care. Rand was selling the illusion, and she was extremely good at it. As she often said, "the Rand is quicker than the eye."

(watch to the end to see the fan dance)

“Among the entertainment at the fair [Chicago 1933-34], the most controversial was Sally Rand and her fan dance, a revealing act that tested the moral scruples of midwestern fair officials and visitors from all parts of the nation…  For the fan dance, she completely covered her nude body with white ‘cosmetic whitewash’ and powder and then danced behind two large feathery fans. At the end of her performance, she raised her fans high, revealing her entire body, which, with the whitewash and powder, made her look much like an alabaster statue. Although she began dancing at the fair and at downtown clubs in late May, she was not arrested until August 4, at which time she was fined $25 and told to wear clothes beneath her fans. Arrested again on September 23, she was fined $200 and sentenced to a year in jail, but the case was dismissed on appeal, and her popularity was enhanced by virtue of the publicity. 

Sally Rand really grabbed the national attention when she performed at the World's Fair in Chicago in 1934, which she promoted with a Lady Godiva ride on a white horse through the streets of Chicago. Not surprisingly, she was arrested several times during the course of the fair for indecency, including four arrests in one day, although the charges were usually dismissed by the judge, since no one could prove that she was actually nude. And, also not surprisingly, the arrests and resulting publicity only served to make her more popular and increase the size of the crowds

Sally Rand also invented the bubble dance to cope with the wind of an out-door performance 

When the World's Fair reopened in Chicago in 1934, Sally Rand had a new act ready -- the bubble dance. Basically the same as the fan dance, it featured Rand dancing while holding a large translucent plastic bubble between herself and the audience.

Plenty of photos of Sally Rand

“At any rate, I haven’t been out of work since the day I took my pants off.” – Sally Rand

 In 1939, the Golden Gate Exposition in San Francisco featured "Sally Rand's Nude Ranch," with a collection of women dressed in cowboy hats, boots, gun belts and little else. 

Sally Rand postcards - great

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 Dong Kim is among the best poker players in the world. The machine, Libratus, built by two computer science researchers at Carnegie Mellon, is an artificially intelligent system that runs on a Pittsburgh supercomputer. And for twenty straight days, they played no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em, an especially complex form of poker in which betting strategies play out over dozens of hands.

About halfway through the competition, which ended this week, Dong Kim started to feel like Libratus could see his cards. “I’m not accusing it of cheating,” he said. “It was just that good.” So good, in fact, that it beat Dong Kim and three more of the world’s top human players—a first for artificial intelligence.

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