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Susan Sarandon's picture show rocks this stupendous meta blog post. Plus this issue contains plenty of planetary science and groovy blasts from the past 

 "I was definitely one of those Sixties girls with flowers in my hair and no bra and was influenced by certain drugs of that period, like cannabis or acid. But I always remind my kids that drugs are illegal. Some are a lot of fun, but some can kill you first time out. Mind-expanding drugs - like acid - are very different from the crack and heroin that's around these days. My kids asked me if I used crack, which I thought was funny. I mean, they didn't even have crack then, to show you how far back I go!" - Susan Sarandon

The thing that's bad about breasts is that you have to choose between having a mind and having breasts. It'd be nice if you could have both. Anyway, I think my breasts have been highly overrated. - Susan Sarandon

"You have to be careful not to be upstaged by your breasts. I've gotten curvier as I've gotten older. Directors cast the men they want to be and the women they want to have." - Susan Sarandon

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We’re close to going to the Red Planet, but first we need to figure out how to live in a spaceship that long

Curiosity update, sols 1548-1599

Holy Moley Batman! Opportunity Celebrates 

Four planets orbiting the star HR 8799 in Pegasus. via one of the 10-meter (394-inch) Keck telescopes 

The Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico has released 16 years of radiation measurements recorded by GPS satellites 

Alien Spacecraft - 1950s


Vintage Jiu-Jitsu Lessons From Theodore Roosevelt’s Personal Instructor

Theodore Roosevelt had a keen interest in martial and combative arts, beginning with boxing as a young man, and later as president — after a blow blinded him in the eye — focusing on wrestling and grappling. While in the White House, he first took jiu-jitsu lessons from Professor John J. O’Brien, who had learned the art while working as a police inspector in Nagasaki, Japan. According to a 1902 article in the New York World, Roosevelt “hope[d] soon to be able to break the arms, legs or neck of any Anarchist or thug who may assail him.”


Bad News for Daily Mail - Melania Trump has won a substantial amount of money in a settlement with a 71 year old Maryland blogger, Webster G. Tarpley,  who published claims that Melania Trump once worked as an escort

I searched on the internet for flights from Israel to Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia and Yemen. I couldn’t get a flight. Why? People from Israel are banned from entering those countries. 

In recent days Muslims and the mainstream media have touted “tolerance” and “inclusiveness” in the wake of Donald Trump’s statement about restricting Muslim immigration to the USA. But did you know that a host of Muslim countries have banned Israelis from entering their countries? If you hold an Israeli passport you cannot enter Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Sudan, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, Bangladesh, and Libya. Plus, even if you’re not an Israeli but you have visited Israel and have an Israeli stamp in your passport, most of these countries will also deny you entry into their countries. How about that for tolerance and inclusiveness?

Señorita Rio disrupting a coup d'etat, all while dressed in form-fitting party dresses and spike heels. Olé!

Recent incidents of leftist violence in the United States have caused some commentators to consider the possibility of a return to 1970s-style leftist terrorism in the West.  For most young people today, names like the Red Brigades, the Japanese Red Army, the Baader-Meinhof Organization, and Carlos the Jackal mean little.  But in their day these groups caused a considerable amount of damage and subversion in the places they conducted their business.  The “student protest” movements of the 1960s were the direct progenitors of such leftist terror groups; and as antiwar activism died down, overt violence—bank robberies, bombings, assassinations, and similar acts—took its place.  Even though such groups may be quite small in number, they can contribute to a climate of fear and chaos far out of proportion to their memberships.

Bonnie Jean Werner is her real name?

Readers should be aware that the aforementioned young ladies may be scantily clad or completely unclothed, so discretion on clicking the Rule 5 links is advised.

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