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Mickey 許喵喵 left her watermarks and site tags behind the Great Chinese Firewall to host this massive meta blog post. In addition, this special issue contains plenty of Weird, Wacky and Wild stuff for your enlightenment. 

Mega boobs are a bit divisive in these parts, and it’s obvious that Mickey 許喵喵 has had a bit of surgical help, but the end result is something to marvel at... 

OMG! Mickey's 許喵喵 boob is bigger than her head

I get the feeling Mickey 許喵喵 makes a living posing for magazines, newspapers, car shows and making appearances at clubs, but as far as I can find there are no proper fully nude shots.

It's rare to find a photo of  Mickey 許喵喵 without a Weibo watermark or site tag

Weibo (微博) is the Chinese word for "microblog"

A major difference, from twitter, is that much more information can be conveyed in 140 Chinese characters than the 140 Latin alphabet characters 

Some more photos of Mickey 許喵喵

Vintage Portraits of Ainu Women from Northern Japan With Their Traditional Tattooed Lips

Luis Quiles, aka Gunsmithcat, is a Spanish artist whose coruscating satirical illustrations take no prisoners. No one is safe. The right. The left. The good. The bad. Luis Quiles takes them all down. He specifically targets the dehumanizing nature of capitalism, terrorism, and religion. His work is highly controversial. It’s been deemed offensive. But we shouldn’t be offended by Luis’s drawings rather we should be offended at the hard reality he depicts. 

Naughty illustrations that graced the pages of men’s magazines in the 1940s-1960s

Soap Ads From The Past
Dragon Lady is no drag

Agloe was a copyright trap A century old trick mapmakers and dictionary makers have been using to catch copycats. 

At this High-Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory, better known as HAWC, a team of astrophysicists from Los Alamos National Laboratory and their colleagues are sifting through data from those mountain-top water barrels looking for the fingerprint of one of the most elusive yet abundant quarries in the universe: Dark matter.

A river preserved as a ridge seems like a bit of a paradox, but inverted channels are fairly common on Mars. They occur when the river sediment within the channel becomes resistant to erosion (this can happen chemically, due to interaction with water, or by the deposition of large pebbles and boulders within the channel). Once the channel ceases to flow, the material adjacent to the channel—perhaps flood plain deposits—gets eroded at a faster rate than the channel, leaving the channel upstanding in the landscape. 

Are you a Trekki? Mouse over for the answers

Who is Ri Chun-hee
Still posting North Korean stuff at Mike's (aka Proof Positive Dude) place  

Ivanka Trump

Still Tracking Trump’s 

CNN recently speculated that perhaps Donald Trump suffers from Bathmophobia

As usual, many of the following Rule 5 links are commonly considered NSFW, and the management takes no responsibility for the ill effects arising from your inability to click at an appropriate time and place.
A Creepy 1959 Guide to Girl Watching

Fred Dude's Friday Babes

Femme Fatale Friday: Kirsten Dunst

Friday Night Babe is Ashley Moore

Friday Fiery Femme Fatale

Big Boob Friday with Sammie Pennington

Nude Swim Scene Cut From 1934 Tarzan Movie 
In 1934, this athletic nude swimming scene appeared in at least some versions of Tarzan and His Mate, prior to all the versions being ordered censored by the Hays Commission

The scene was banned by the Hays commission in 1934 for indecency. It was not restored to the film until the 1990’s when Turner Classics bought the film rights. Maureen O’Sullivan, aka “Jane”, (Mia Farrow’s mother) was a good swimmer but not that good. She had a body double who, along with Weismuller, was an Olympic swimmer in her own right.

Retro Japanese Comic Based on JAWS

With warmer weather you may think it's safe to go back into the water, but remember there are many nautical hazards 

Wonder Woman Cosplay

Risque Sequential Photo Postcards circa 1940

Cave Women Babes, then and now

 Tonight's Vintage Babe is Beryl Wallace

Josephine Earp

Rule 5 Rated R Randomness

A Potpourri of Sexy Chicks

Russian Rule 5 - Vita Sidorinka

Sultress - Cheryl Burke

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Concept of Steampunk

BeCos(play) It's Friday GREAT

Cosplay this week

More Glorious Girls Of The Redheaded Rebellion

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What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere

Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCXXVII)

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