Monday, June 12, 2017

Foto Dump - GOODSTUFF Style

Lets dive deep into the nether regions of the Internet to mine more pictorial fun!

Christopher Pollari


Founded in the mid-1960s, Fotomat specialized in drive-thru, “One Day Photo Service”… that’s right kids, people once had to wait until the next day to see photos (presumably of dinosaurs) they took with their clunky analog cameras. By 1980, over four thousand yellow and blue, pyramid-roofed Fotomat kiosks were scattered across suburban parking lots from coast to coast.


Considering the late-1980s advent of film processing minilabs that reduced photo development time from a day to just an hour. (Now that’s progress!) The subsequent introduction of digital cameras and then, camera-equipped smartphones were the final nails in Fotomat’s coffin.

Evolution of the Filling Station


Jupiter Juno Perijove, set to some creepy 2001 A Space Odyssey music


De Sade Covers

Wok Man and Boy Tofu hat tip Lloyd

Others may have worn the suit before and after, but Adam West will always be Batman to me. They are just actors playing a role but West really was Bruce Wayne.

Marijuana Causes Demonic Infestation

Cat Tax... Paid up for the month
 History of Catwoman (aka Selina Kyle)

Awesome Birth of Venus Recreations


Does SIZE really matter?

King-Tut-ky Fried Chicken

Atomic Hand Held Weapons are Scary


The Spirit, Will Eisner

Facebook Links

The Vault of the Atomic Space Age

In Search of Pagan Hollywood

Classic Sci Fi and Beyond


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