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All kinds of Wonder Woman Wonderment with Gal Gadot, Lynda Carter and Cathy Lee Crosby! Please note this Public Service Advisory: This monumental meta blog post contains minute electrically charged particles moving at velocities in excess of 42 miles per hour.

Wonder Woman Movie Mega Post

Gal Gadot

Born and raised in Israel, Gal Gadot (Hebrew: גל גדות‎) was a combat instructor in the Israel Defense Forces. Gal Gadot initially wanted to become a lawyer but ended up winning the 2004 Miss Israel competition, which led to Gal Gadot auditioning for film roles and become the new Wonder Woman 

Jewish Wonder Woman to be banned by Lebanon?

Wonder Woman Petitions Justice League for Uniform Change

Wonder Woman for Science!

sqooq uʍop ǝpısdn s,uɐɯoʍ ɹǝpuoʍ

Lynda Carter was likely responsible for the excessive laundering of hundreds of thousands of adolescent boys’ bed sheets during the mid to late 1970’s. She may have also spurred more than a few bondage fantasies. All this due to her iconic role as TV’s Wonder Woman, complete with lasso and gold-spangled boobs.

Prior to her fame as television's Wonder Woman, model and actress Lynda Carter was a typical struggling actress. This meant the occasional poor choice. Lynda Carter flashed the camera in the film Jessie and the Outlaws.

Wonder Woman, the Legend Begins (1975)

A Look Back At The Not-So Wondrous 1974 Wonder Woman TV Pilot

Wonder Woman pre-Lynda Carter. Starring Cathy Lee Crosby, meet the powerless, karate-choppin’, lasso and tiara-less, blond Wonder Woman! Oh, and she has a utility belt. Do any of those things sound remotely like Wonder Woman?

Cathy Lee Crosby as Wonder Woman was just all kinds of wrong. And WTF was with that costume? She looked like a drum majorette in a Bicentennial parade. 

In the 1970s American television was awash with strong, independently minded female characters. Critics bemoaned the lack of two dimensional female characters in skimpy outfits pandering to male audiences need for polyester, polyamorist, psychological, propaganda, and thus the Wonder Woman television series was born

The Wonder Woman Paradox

Wonder Woman stories written by her creator, Charles Moulton (William Moulton Marston), seldom disappoint. They have elements that elevate the character above the run-of-the-mill super-doer. This delightfully oddball tale is set in Mexico with a beautiful eight-foot-tall señorita, bandits with bandoleros, Wonder Woman’s invisible plane, chains, bondage, and even Wonder Woman in bare feet walking over hot coals. Wow. 

Wonder Woman: Duke of Deception’s Dream Dooms

Star turned into a black hole before Hubble’s eyes
When a massive star expends its fuel, its core collapses into a dense object and sends the rest of its gas outward in an event called a supernova. What’s left is mostly neutron stars or black holes. And now, Hubble seems to have seen a supernova blink out — suggesting it captured the moment when a black hole took over.

While some supernova events are explosive and leave clouds of debris for thousands of years (aka nebula) like SN 1054, the star in question seems to have begun to explode and then had all its gas sucked right back into the black hole at the center. This can happen when the core collapse of the star is especially massive. Rather than exploding, the gas collapses directly into the core of the star.

Weekly World News: This Is How The World Ends, Not With A Bang But A Giggle...
The Trump–Russia scandal: A complete timeline, from Michael Flynn to James Comey

The Unquotable Trump – Turning the quotes from Trump into famous comics
THE ONION - Washington Post Reporter Frustrated Every Space In Parking Garage Taken Up By Anonymous Sources 

Reverend David A. Noebel gets his first laugh in Communism, Hypnotism and the Beatles when, in the preface, he refers to his ridiculous booklet as a “thesis.” To self-confer any kind of scholarly worth to this bizarre screed demonstrates that, if nothing else, Rev. Noebel has a sense of humor. The absurd and poorly drawn cover illustration of John, Paul, George and Ringo under the Soviet hammer and sickle might lead the average person to conclude that this anti-Beatlemania manifesto is simply an over-the-top parody. Such is not the case, however, as it is an absolutely sincere effort on the part of the author. And, indeed, it is this dogmatic and clumsily fear-mongering approach that rightly guarantees Rev. Noebel's treatise its immortal camp classic status. 

Please nominate the blog(s) you would like to see win the Fifth Annual Paul Revere Award

Miss June: Gal Gadot (mega-post)
Another Friday, another opportunity to take a break from the yellow journalism and enjoy some attractive ladies.

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Zoë Mozert was not only one of the most well-known pinup model painters of her day, she was also a pinup herself and her work and image have appeared in hundreds of magazines and on film posters.

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