Friday, July 14, 2017


The flexible Russian first lady, Alina Kabayeva and udder red hot Russian chicks lead this really big meta blog post! Moreover, this glorious issue contains plenty of fascinating pinko commie stuff! 

Alina KabayevaАлина Кабаева - Ms Putin?
Alina Kabayeva, Vladimir Putin’s Alleged Mistress
Alina Kabayeva, the most flexible member of parliament from the United Russia party (or any other party for that matter), Alina Kabayeva was a gold medal-winning Olympic rhythmic gymnast in the 2004 Games before she began her career in politics. 

Have you notice something strange about the succession pattern of Russian leaders? Well, ever since 1825 it has been defined as a change of a bald leader with a hairy one and vice versa. I guess only the KGB knows why.

Jumping Darya Klishina - Дарья Клишина
Darya Klishina is a Russian long jumper, runner and model

Natasha Fatale (Наташа Фатале)

Anna Kournikova (Анна Курникова) 
Anna Kournikova appearance and celebrity status made her one of the best known tennis stars worldwide, despite her never winning a WTA singles title, Anna Kournikova was the most Googled sportswoman on the planet

Aleksandra Kosteniuk (Александра Костенюк) chess grandmaster

Валерия Лукьянова - Valeria Lukyanova Doing the Crimea
Millie Weaver (Милли Уивер) is a Russian Agent?

American Reds, Soviet Stooges The Communist Party of the United States of America(CPUSA)

Radical Democrat (Ron "Red" Dellums) Worked for Russian Lawyer (Natalia Veselnitskaya) Who Tried to Set Up Donald, Jr.

Anna Chapman (Анна Чепмен)
"Snowden, will you marry me?" - Anna Chapman

Voskhod Spacecraft "Globus" IMP navigation instrument
Globus IMP instruments were spacecraft navigation instruments used in Soviet and Russian manned spacecraft. The IMP acronym stems from the Russian expression Indicator of position in flight, but the instrument is informally referred to as the Globus. It displays the look down position of the spacecraft on a rotating terrestrial globe. It functions as an onboard, autonomous indicator of the spacecraft's location relative to Earth coordinates.

 In the tradition of complex post-World War II clocks such as master clocks, the Globus IMP instrument incorporates hundreds of mechanical components common to mechanical timekeeping devices. It mechanically computes complex functions and displays its output through mechanical displacements of the globe and other indicator components
Amazing Mechanical Graphic Designs 

That Story About the Million Dollar US Space Pen and Russian Pencil is BS

Dawn Journal: Monitoring Cosmic Rays

The true scale of the solar system. Very well done.

Read World War III – The 1953 Story Of America’s War With Russia

Exxon has completed drilled the world’s deepest well in the Chayvo oil field on the Sakhalin shelf in the Russian Far East. The shaft of well Z-44 is 12,376 meter deep

A cool blog post that contains a fascinating, 8-minute video that dives straight down into the earth, looking at the various depths to which humans have dug, along with the depths of some natural features.
Photobucket Is Holding People's Photos For "Ransom"


FCC Chair Wants You To Sit Down And Shut Up About Net Neutrality

Nigeria: A Colonialist’s Photo Album

Cosplay Chick Xenia Shelkovskaya (Ксения Шелковская)

Holy Mackerel! Kingfish, it's Friday!

Anastasiya Kvitko - Анастасия Квитко

 Another opportunity to take a break from the smoking guns and enjoy some chesty and scantily clad chicks

Weirdness with Cara Delevingne
Most all of the following Rule 5 Links are to pics generally considered NSFW. If your significant other or overseer chastises you for clicking these Rule 5 links, Russia is absolutely not responsible for any consequences arising from your failure to click the links at appropriate times or places.

Policing Her Man’s Porn

Fred Dude's Friday Babes

Femme Fatale Friday: Jennifer Lopez

Modern Femmes Fatale

Friday Night Babe is Thalía Sodi

Big Boob Friday with Caitlin Wynters

Fish Pics Friday - Smallmouth Bass

Bop Bop Against That Curtain


Tura Satana - "Miss Japan Beautiful"

Sex Sells Seats: Vintage Airline Advertising

Tonight's Vintage Babe is Amanda Blake

Add a sparkle and flavor to your natural vaginal fluids” to make you “magically delicious

Crazy Natalia Poklonskaya Stuff

Sultress - Rachel Reynolds - Sizzling

Happy Birthday Sofia Vergara

Tensile Strength and Cleavage

It's Wonder Woman
Marvel has cast it's Squirrel Girl - Milana Vayntrub 

BeCos(play) It's Friday

Girls Of The Redheaded Rebellion

Plenty of Lady Godiva Stuff

NSFW Fred The Coolest Blogging Dude
"The best posts I have seen this week" - Proof Positive Dude

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere

Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCXLIII)

Rodney's far out space

Strange Weekend Link Dump

Until 2011, Beer in Russia, was classified as food

Cheers Dude - Приветствие

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