Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Harvey Heroes .

Let’s take a moment to remember that most of us have some heroism inside us, and a lot of us can be pretty damned impressive when we’re called on to help others. Let’s have some appreciation for all the neighbors helping neighbors in Texas, because that’s just what you do.

Cool Cajun Navy Stuff on Twitter

The “Cajun Navy,” a loose-knit group of Louisiana volunteers who organized to help out after Katrina in 2005, has headed to Houston with their boats and trailers, where they’re using social media to help supplement the official rescue response.

A Power Lineman comes to the rescue during hurricane

There were many more like this deputy that worked through the night, doing high water rescues. They worked until they couldn't stand anymore.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Awww Monday - Baby Elephant Chasing Birds

Awww Monday with Dumbo!  

I can't decide what is cuter, the dopey baby elephant chasing birds or running to his mommy once he got a booboo 
"that's from our zoo here in Borås, Sweden! If I'm not mistaken this was the first day outside for this little baby elephant. Named Chindi"


Friday, August 25, 2017


Booty... Booty... Booooty call with Amanda Elise Lee because I want to grow up and be hip! However, space exploration and being a capitalist pig will always be à la mode

As you guys know, I'm a boob guy. However, butt-centric aesthetics stuff is the upswing. Among the endless, ho-hum shots posted to the instagram, one user stands out from the butt pack; Amanda Elise Lee, with 10 million plus followers

No butts about it... Amanda Elise Lee absolutely booty-ful.

Amanda Elise Lee, the LA-based personal trainer has parlayed her pert assets into social media stardom. And has started building her own derriere-tailored fitness empire.

It appears that Amanda Elise Lee is having a possible fart related incident 

Amanda Elise Lee's first paid Instagram posting opportunity came at the time when she had around 100,000 followers on the platform. She received $150 for the post and was receiving $300 at best soon thereafter. 

Now, Amanda Elise Lee earns $3,000 to $5,000 per post. She will only publish roughly one post per week, as engagement and authenticity are important for building and maintaining a hefty price tag. According to Amanda Elise Lee, social-media celebrities get paid based on a combination of followers, likes, and engagement.

BTW - GOODSTUFF could use a few sponsors 

Voyager probes are still talking, after 40 years

NASA's Viking Project found a place in history (forty years ago) when it became the first U.S. mission to land a spacecraft safely on the surface of Mars and return images of the surface. Two identical spacecraft, each consisting of a lander and an orbiter, were built. Each orbiter-lander pair flew together and entered Mars orbit; the landers then separated and descended to the planet's surface.

The Viking 1 lander touched down on the western slope of Chryse Planitia (the Plains of Gold), while the Viking 2 lander settled down at Utopia Planitia.

Besides taking photographs and collecting other science data on the Martian surface, the two landers conducted three biology experiments designed to look for possible signs of life. These experiments discovered unexpected and enigmatic chemical activity in the Martian soil, but provided no clear evidence for the presence of living microorganisms in soil near the landing sites. According to scientists, Mars is self-sterilizing. They believe the combination of solar ultraviolet radiation that saturates the surface, the extreme dryness of the soil and the oxidizing nature of the soil chemistry prevent the formation of living organisms in the Martian soil.

The Viking mission was planned to continue for 90 days after landing. Each orbiter and lander operated far beyond its design lifetime. Viking Orbiter 1 continued for four years and 1,489 orbits of Mars, concluding its mission August 7, 1980, while Viking Orbiter 2 functioned until July 25, 1978. Because of the variations in available sunlight, both landers were powered by radioisotope thermoelectric generators -- devices that create electricity from heat given off by the natural decay of plutonium. That power source allowed long-term science investigations that otherwise would not have been possible. Viking Lander 1 made its final transmission to Earth November 11, 1982. The last data from Viking Lander 2 arrived at Earth on April 11, 1980.

My Folly Was a Poisonous Tree
(great read) 

G-COME is now offering a jars of soil from the area of greatest duration of the Great American Eclipse in Temixoch. This dirt seen total darkness as the moon traveled in front of the sun (2 minutes and 40 seconds). Plant your special seeds in this dirt and let the magic begin. Just 10 Goodbits! Call today. Operators are standing by

This is Coconut Rice Bear, a samoyed that clearly has something important to tell us. I’ve never wanted to learn dog as badly as I do right now. What are you trying to say girl?

Popeye and Hospitality and Recreation Careers

If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle. If the horse has one front leg in the air the person died as a result of wounds received in battle. If the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes.

Another opportunity to take a break from the mess up and crazy news week and enjoy some vintage kids playing

Most all of the following Rule 5 Links are to pics generally considered NSFW. If your significant other or your mean boss chastises you for clicking these Rule 5 links; then President Donald Trump is absolutely responsible for any consequences arising from your failure to click the links at appropriate times or places.

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Forgotten icons of the French military, the Vivandières, alternatively known as cantinières, was the French title for women attached to military units who sold wine to the troops and offered better cuisine on the battlefield than the army could offer. An often overlooked part of women’s and military history, while they were not sanctioned to do any fighting, there are countless reports of many women who did. They began as supporters, originally tasked with providing home comforts to those in the field or at camp and quickly rose to become a fundamental part of the army.

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