Saturday, September 1, 2012


Feeling guilty about your carbon footprint? GOODSTUFF’S  Carbon Offset Marketplace and Exchange (G-COME)
Is where you can exchange, sell, buy, barter or trade carbon credits. The aim is to make this the one stop pump and dump carbon offset exchange. With G-COME you can now participate in a program where Aggregators and Brokers are not taking their slice of the carbon offset pie in the sky.

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The above certificates were issue by well meaning authorities that have granted G-COME with twenty-five trillion tons of carbon offsets trading reserves. Unlike the Chicago Carbon Exchange, G-COME offers additional benefits and does not regulate trades.  

There is no need to give Al Gore any more money by purchasing his phony carbon offsets.

The dot-com era spawned a cottage industry of alternative currencies and loyalty programs. G-COME finance model is base on collecting infinitesimally small fees by participates that click and use the tokens as an electronic global currency. In theory, the proceeds will go to projects that either absorb CO2 from the air (i.e. tree planting) or that will reduce future carbon emissions (such as solar and wind projects).  In reality, the program allows participates to balance out, or offset, their impact on the environment. Now is your chance to take personal responsibility for the environmental consequences of your activities!

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Apparently, since we all generate about two pounds of CO2 per day just by breathing and increases when discussing global warming, climate change, peer-reviewed analysis and global currencies.

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 Therefore, it’s safe assume that we all owe something to offset this offense to nature. At no added cost to participates, G-COME is introducing the above tokens as a new global currency. 

Here at G-COME, we like to keep the exchange user friendly. That is why we don’t require participates to sign up or pay annual fees. Using our exchange you can now offer carbon offset tokens to all your friends as gifts just by copying and plastering! In addition, like no other exchange, G-COME also has a loyalty program! G-COME will issue you one free token every time you post a link to our exchange!

Do you have procrastination issues? Do you want buy prepaid carbon credits for our next vacation? Are you monetarily challenged by the banking calamity? Looking to buy/trade carbon credits to increase your holdings. G-COME uses the above tokens for options trades and does not charge participates for option trades.
With all the benefits offered by G-COME,
why use another exchange?


Tung Thai said...

IP: Internet Protocol.
G-COME ... In Peace.


another reason to use G-COME

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Anonymous said...

I once thought about leasing trees that I wouldn't chainsaw if the suckers paid to adopt them for a "carbon offset". Heck, I even thought about putting little plaques on them with the rubes name and sending them pictures, like one of those "adopt a poor third world child" sort of things.