Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It Got Weird When East Meet West

East Meets West: John Wayne as Genghis Khan

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The Conqueror  
A Film Review by a Dude with a Fu Manchu Complex

Howard Hughes wanted his cinema ripping and lusty, bigger and ballsier and louder than anything ever before. Fair enough, but with The Conqueror there was a twist - Howard Hughes envisioned cowboy idol John Wayne as the medieval Mongol warlord Genghis Khan. "Say what...? Genghis Khan, as in cowboys and barbarians?" "Yes, Grasshopper. But beware the jive of a honky disguised for kung fu, for on that path lies grave danger."


我愛蝙蝠女 ("I Love Batgirl")

Jane Bond Films

Funny - "Gold Finger" (脂粉神鎗) 

Yu So Chow, Hong Kong's Queen of Martial Arts,
 decked out as a cowgirl 

"For a Few Dollars More" (歡舞今宵) 

Check out this funny version of Jambalaya 
by 俊郎 Chun Long

Hong Kong Cowgirl: Betty Loh Tih

OK, I thought this stuff was funny


Katy Anders said...

John Wayne does not appear to have been a character actor. I mean, I think I heard his Mongolian accent slip a couple times.

Proof said...

The Duke as Jen Jis Khan? (John Kerry pronunciation)