Friday, September 26, 2014


 This issue has some stuff you can use this week. Like... zexy Asian chicks. Which has nothing to do with the fact that platypuses and dolphins have belly buttons but Barbra Streisand and penguins do not have belly buttons 

It's harvest season for non genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

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Hawaii’s "Babes Against Biotech" flaunt T and A to attack GMOs

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Double Trouble Two Asian Beauties 

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 Anna Ohura - all-natural gigantic melons 
Global Warming and Hot Women
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Gargantuan genetically modified melon smuggling 
has authorities bamboozled.

However, Those tank top straps were made of genetically modified spider silk which is superior to high-grade steel 
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F-22 Raptor, finally made its combat debut over Syria

America has brought Its Islamic State Bombing to Social Media

Arab civilization, such as we knew it, is all but gone. The Arab world today is more violent, unstable, fragmented and driven by extremism—the extremism of the rulers and those in opposition

Proof Positive's Best of the Web

Jasmine Tridevil,(actually Alisha Hesslera massage therapist in Tampa, Florida, claims that she had a third breast implanted to get famous, land a reality show, and become "unattractive to men" because she doesn't "want to date anymore." 

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A report from Ilust News concerning Alien-Human Hybrids

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A phenomenon in which attempting to suppress information attracts even more unwanted attention, thereby increasing its magnitude of exposure.

#AskDrMann the Streisand effect on steroids

Her name is spelled Barbra Streisand and not Barbara because at the very beginning of her career she was performing at a nightclub and the newspaper asked her how she spelled her name and she said “Just make sure you spell it wrong”.. I think the club had spelled her name wrong on the sign and she rolled with it and that’s how she got her name.

These photos from Italian magazine ABC were published in 1970, when Barbra Streisand was plugging her latest movie The Owl and the Pussycat.

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One of the film’s scenes features Barbra Streisand character performing in a part a skin flick called Cycle Sluts.


Glenn at Instapundit

The PGA, unlike the NFL, takes cases of spousal and/or automotive abuse very seriously. Mr Puckett is known to be a huge football fan. That is the only reason to which we can attribute his violent actions against his wife’s car. That, and her saying he can’t “putt for sh*t.” Football, as we have seen, is the cause of violent actions against spouses, children, and automobiles. It’s football…not the players who beat the bejeezus out of their wives who bear the responsibility.

PayPal rolled out broader support for Bitcoin, allowing merchants to accept the cryptocurrency as payment for digital goods. The reaction to bitcoin itself has been immediate and positive

Texan Refused License Over Marriage Certificate 

Emily Ratajkowski! A View From the Beach's Girl of Summer 2014

Wombat's Rule 5 round up

A bra underwire acts likes a radio antenna and sucks the harmful microwave radiation and basks the boobs in carcinogenic radiation 

The Breast of the Best: The Top Jiggle TV Shows of the 1970s

North Korea has responded to a recent report on its human rights record by describing it is a gay plot, adding that gays do not exist in the secretive communist country. 

Rights activists say that in a perverse sense there could be said to be a certain truth to the last part of that statement, at least in so far as anyone accused of being gay is always found guilty -- the secret police does not arrest innocent people, North Korea says -- and then shot.

Kim Jong-un Is Missing


Photos of Iceland's Bardarbunga Volcano Erupting 

The Location of CO2 Monitoring Stations in regions enriched by volcanic CO2

It's time to criminalise serious scientific misconduct


Real life Rosie (the maid) 1966

"Use the source GOODSTUFF" - Princess Leia


Katy Anders said...

Barbra Streisand is troubling. Not just the belly button thing, either.

I grew up seeing her as just this hideous old annoying thing. But a friend recently made me sit through "What's Up Doc?" (from the late sixties, I guess...) and she was pretty damn do-able in there, so...

The world just doesn't make sense anymore.

Chromodynamix said...

LOL! Start Shedding the news...

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Good bye Taylor!