Friday, January 16, 2015


Hot cosplayer Abby Dark Star (the chick with really big boobs) hosts this wayward issue; Where we explore some random concepts.

Abby Dark Star the cosplay chick

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 Abby Dark Star works in Social Media. Which would explain why she is all over the world wide web 


Abby Dark Star Is Deliciously Geeky at Deviant Art


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Abby Dark Star on Instagram

The Boob Agenda, Abby Dark Star on Tumblr 

Hat Tip to Odysseus BeCos(play) It's Friday 
Ten of the Hottest Cosplay Girls

Spy music of the 1960s


Eaton Alive! (Shirley Eaton) 

Infographic: How mining colonies could be set up on the moon. 
Infographic Source 
GOODSTUFF’S Cyber World Lunar Declaration 
The 1960s Pucci Air Hostess Uniforms
ideal for Mile High “Stripping”

Best of the Web with Proof Positive 

What is happening in Ye Olde Pirate Cove 

Tasty Rule 5 Wombat snacks 

NSFW Fred Dude posted some great stuff this week 

Glenn at Instapundit

Wild Women of the Past 


 Vintage Babe of the Week is Carole Lombard

Mail Order Brides of the Old West

Mail Order Brides

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Living Dolls are women who make themselves appear to be just that; living breathing dolls. They dress up, wear make up, get plastic surgery, use camera tricks, and Photoshop themselves to embody a hyper-real notion of beauty.


Barbie dolls are fun! They don't have to be just for little kids. And if you're an sick-o person like me, Playing with Barbie can be a heck of a good time! 


  From the Society of the Promotion of Construct Rights
Amazing Automatons, Robots & Victorian Androids


Draw me like one of your organic carbon based females 
of French origin


Penny from The Big Bang Theory takes on Slave Princess Leia
"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." - Albert Einstein

Is “freedom” a mere buzzword, a holdover from the days of the American Revolution? Or maybe the meaning of the word is ambiguous: each faction is saying something different when they use the word “freedom.”

In Buddhism it is taught that the idea of absolute freedom of choice is foolish, because it denies the reality of one's physical needs and circumstances
At its heart freedom is anarchy. It is the state of being completely and utterly free to do as you please. In a society such absolute freedom does not work as some would take actions that harm others. Absolute freedom and anarchy was certainly not what the framers of nations had in mind when they created the different constitutions that set limits both on the people and on the governments


Imagined intimate moments of President Obama, President Putin, Her Majesty the Queen and even Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama, all seated on the toilet performing their own daily duty.


(Joe Walsh and Billy Gibbons)


We had two pots of honey, five jars of raspberry jam, five sheets of sugar paper, a salt shaker half full of sugar, and a whole galaxy of multi colored sprinkles


"Use the source Goodstuff" - Princess Leia


Katy Anders said...

I should get me one of them mail order brides. Not one from the old West, though, because they look too uptight in pictures.

Definitely one from a place where they don't speak English. Like maybe Florida.

WTPayne Photo said...

Bring me the cosplay beauty. I want her for my portfolio.

Proof said...

The stuff on a moon colony takes me back to my youth. I used to draw those myself. My generation didn't ask if we'd go back to the moon, but when. NASA was on life support in 2008. Obama plugged the plug and shot it a couple times for good measure.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Enjoy your new Princess Leia Mail Order Bride Fun Doll, FUNSTUFF.

IRISH said...

Good evening :)

I added you to the blog roll.

Thanks for stopping by.

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