Friday, July 17, 2015


Stephanie Arias is our Bella of the week, who enjoys exploring strange new heavenly bodies!


"I like to take long bumpy rides on magic carpets. 
Come sail away with me!" - Stephanie Arias
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"I heard about guys on this site being perverts. That's why I am here!"  - Stephanie Arias

"I am really an adventurous babe... for a mad genius to conduct experiments." - Stephanie Arias 


"I love processed foods, smokers and drinking beer" - 
Stephanie Arias 

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"Most Rule 5 Bloggers characterize me as voluptuous, full size or extra-curvy. However, the best bloggers describe me as moist!" Stephanie Arias 
"I hail from Mexico Costa Rica Tijuana. Err, Isn't it obvious, I'm the love child of Donald Trump!" - Stephanie Arias 
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"Motor boating is one of my most favorite actives in the whole wide world" - Stephanie Arias 

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Laughing Stephanie Arias proclaims "I am not an alien! Look see, you can drink shots from my belly button!"

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"If I could wear heels in my apartment, I would. But then my floors would get scuffed. It's heels to work, at work, from work. And in the bedroom." - Stephanie Arias 
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"I hate flats. They're misshapen condoms for feet. Especially those sequin-adorned pediatric boat-like contraceptives." - Stephanie Arias
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"For this week's Rule 5 spectacular, I give you Abbey Clancy"
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How a bunch of government space geeks at NASA won the internet

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First detailed closeup of Pluto, at 0.4 km/pixel 


Latest New Horizons picture of Charon


Pluto as seen by the Hubble space telescope
vs. NASA's New Horizon mission

Preliminary analysis of Pluto concludes that mapping is an art and a science 

Why NASA sent a probe to Pluto 9 years ago

I work for the observatory that discovered Pluto, so I thought I'd hit y'all up with some knowledge.

 The Voyage of New Horizons: Jupiter, Pluto, and Beyond 
Like many spacecraft, New Horizons is carrying a number of small keepsakes along with scientific instruments.



360 spin of heightfield generated by photoclinometry
New horizons captured this view of Pluto on July 15 2015.


El Chapo,(Joaquin Guzman), he's head of the Sinaloa Cartel. It's the largest cartel out there. It is the cartel of cartels.  He flees this Mexico City prison and one of the first things he did was get on Twitter to start bashing Trump!  

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Interesting B/White Photos of Women from the Early 20th Century
Vintage Babe of the Week is Suzanne Pleshette
The Ideal Body Has Looked Like Over The Past 100 Years


 Watch Special CIA Videos Created to Brief 
President Reagan on Soviet Technology, 
Propaganda, and Political Machinations...


See you later. Off on a new adventure!


Ron Russell said...

I would love to see an extreme close-up of Pluto. Ofter wondered if Pluto was infested with siphonapteras!

cmblake6 said...

I can but say thank you. This post was superb. Beautiful women, bright science, a pleasure to read.

Samuel Gonzalez said...

Some real sweet ladies on this post. Juicy the way I like them. Pluto was cute too

Donald Douglas said...

I got you linked up at American Power!