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Cheryl Tiegs hosts this huge meta blog that celebrates retro and vintage stuff 
The now-famous photograph, which featured Cheryl Tiegs in a seemingly innocent white swimsuit, epitomized her perfect combination of girl-next-door innocence and innate sexuality.

While posing for the 1978 swimsuit issue, she took a quick dip in the water on the beach wearing a white cotton fishnet swimsuit. When Cheryl Tiegs emerged from the water, photographers—professional and amateur—flocked to her and asked her to pose for an extended amount of time—about 50 minutes. She later said she had no idea why the photographers suddenly took such an interest in her, and didn't discover why until she saw the final prints from the shoot: when wet, the suit was almost completely translucent. 
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Cheryl Tiegs : First modern American supermodel best known for her long-running affiliation with the "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue," which featured her on the cover in 1970, 1975 and 1983.

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GOODSTUFFs Cheryl Tiegs Topless album

Dawn is very different from past asteroid missions. We've mostly encountered asteroids by flying quickly past each object, never to see them again. Dawn is not that kind of mission. It's been doing science at Ceres for more than a year now, beginning from a position of great distance. In discrete steps, over the course of the last year, it has journeyed closer to Ceres, getting more data at higher resolution with each incremental step closer. In a way, Dawn's single mission to Ceres encapsulates several distinct missions in the initial exploration of other worlds.
Best NASA Images Yet of Ceres Brightest Spot 


Towards the end of 1961, Sergei Korolev (good read), the Soviet space program’s Chief Designer and mastermind behind the nation’s earliest space triumphs, was looking for a new first in space. Having already launched Yuri Gagarin and Gherman Titov into orbit, he needed something new to maintain the Soviets’ lead over America in space. One idea he had was to launch a woman. A female cosmonaut would send the message that the Soviet Union valued its citizens equally and give little girls throughout the nation the belief that they, too, could go into space some day. 

The Central Committee of the Communist Party liked Korolev’s idea, and on February 16, 1962, five experienced parachutists became the first all female cosmonaut training group. Among them was Valentina Tereshkova (good read), a textile factory worker and avid skydiver. But more importantly, she was an outspoken supporter of the communist party who had worked throughout her life – she began helping her widowed mother support their family at the age of 10 – within the Communist system to achieve great things. She was, like Yuri Gagarin before her, the picture of success in the Soviet Union.

Valentina Tereshkova spent three days in space aboard Vostok 6, strapped to her ejection seat inside the seven-and-a-half foot wide pressurized cabin. She was wearing an SK-2 space suit. It was, for a spacesuit, a comfortable design, designed to be pressurized only in an emergency situation where the cabin pressure was lost.

Valentina Tereshkova’s mission ended after completing 48 orbits in a little under 70 hours. She used manual controls to hold Vostok steady while firing the rocket engine to slow her capsule and begin the fall back through the atmosphere. After re-entry, Valentina Tereshkova tapped into her parachutist past and ejected from the falling spacecraft to land by her own parachute

While Valentina Tereshkova has been lauded since her flight as a trailblazer for women in space – and indeed, she’s been an advocate of both women’s rights and space exploration in her post-cosmonaut career


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Women working at the FBI’s Colossal Fingerprint Factory in the early 1940s were trained in the Henry System of fingerprint identification, a method used in the United States
A day after Microsoft introduced an innocent Artificial Intelligence chat robot (Tay) to Twitter it has had to delete it after it transformed into an evil Hitler-loving, incestual sex-promoting, 'Bush did 9/11'-proclaiming robot. 
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 A Terrifying Glimpse Inside Doll Making Factories

  What is a robot, anyway? 

What Women and Men Want from Sex Robots 

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Even More Vin
tage Photos of Sexy Women Wearing Polka Dots 
Vintage Babe of the Week is Janet Blair!

 "Many of the following links are to pics of attractive women attractively (un)dressed. Since these are generally considered NSFW, the management is not responsible for any problems caused by your failure to exercise discretion." - Good advise from the Wombat Dude 
Naughty neon signs that advertise the availability of strip clubs, peep shows and other establishments that help aid the hot-blooded pursuits for sex from around the world.  

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