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Cybill Shepherd, the hussy, hosts this huge meta blog. Which contains all kinds of groovy vitamins and minerals  

"I did the nasty with Elvis Presley. This man loved to eat. But there was one thing he wouldn't eat . . . 'til he met me" - Cybill Shepherd

Lots of photos of Cybill Shepherd 

Classic shots from The Last Picture Show

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Acting fame came not from Cybill Shepherd efforts, but from a lucky break at a grocery store. As the story goes, Cybill Shepherd came to the attention of young, cutting edge director Peter Bogdanovich while he waited in line at a local LA grocery store. 

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 At that time, Peter Bogdanovich was actively looking for an ingenue to play the role of Jacy in his new movie, The Last Picture Show. However, it was his wife who noticed Cybill Shepherd on the cover of that month's Glamour magazine, prompting her to remark "That's Jacy." Soon enough, Cybill Shepherd was offered the role of Jacy, a young debutante coming of age in a small North Texas town. It was a huge win for Cybill Shepherd, yet one that later threatened to bring down her career and that of her director for good.

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Though celebrated by critics and audiences, The Last Picture Show was controversial for its frank depictions of sex and sexuality, including several full frontal nude scenes - a rarity for those days. 

Controversy also abounded behind the scenes, with affairs between Cybill Shepherd and her co-star Jeff Bridges creating gossip in the tabloids.

However, it was her other affair with director Bogdanovich that really stirred things up in Hollywood. Cybill Shepherd supposedly love affair with Bogdanovich grew into an 8-year relationship that surely made his wife regret ever pointing her out. It also tainted much of the work they did for years afterward, both together and individually, as critics and Hollywood insiders began to look at the two of them as something akin to damaged goods. 
Some transparent photos of Cybill Shepherd 
Some cheesy Cybill Shepherd 

"I had to lie so much about sex, first when I was 15 because I wasn't supposed to be having it. And when I got older, I lied to everybody I was having sex with, so I could have sex with other people." - Cybill Shepherd

Marine Iguanas at Cabo Marshall, Galapagos Islands. This just might be one of the coolest videos I've ever seen.
The FBI is attempting, yet again, to get Apple to unlock a phone for them.

This is why Apple, and those of us who warned that the government would never be satisfied with just stopping with one phone, were right. Apple has a vested interest in keeping their phone secure. But the FBI wants to get into those phones in order to get criminal convictions. And here, in a case where there is no imminent national security threat, the FBI proves yet again that if Apple had conceded and helped them with just the ONE phone, it would have been a domino effect of never-ending orders by judges to force Apple to sabotage their own product. 

Eventually, this case, or another one like it, will make it to the Supreme Court. Hold on to your iPhones, everyone – this is going to be a bumpy ride.

SpaceX successfully lands its rocket on a floating drone ship for the first time 

Cool infograph type SpaceX post
Letter from Dr. Otto Pickhardt approving Churchill’s use of alcohol, January 26, 1932, Courtesy of the Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge; CHAR 1/400A/46, While visiting Manhattan on December 13, 1931, Churchill made the classic mistake of an Englishman in America and looked the wrong way when stepping out of a cab. He was hit by an oncoming car, requiring a trip to the hospital, and a postponement of his lecture tour. Churchill turned the episode to his advantage, however, writing his tale of the near-miss for newspapers, and securing from Dr. Otto Pickhardt this prescription for medicinal alcohol at the height of prohibition.

Phineas, Fat Freddy and Freewheelin’ Franklin unwind with a game of Feds ‘n’ Heads 

Cleopatra 2525 - From The Land Of Forgotten Television 

Quite possibly the weirdest thing you will see all day. Tennessee Ernie Ford gets his groove on with some chicks wearing white panties 

Vintage Babe of the Week is Peggy Castle 

International Exotic Glamour wear 1980

  A Rule 5 Conspiracy with Alex Jones. Not the American conspiracy monger Alex Jones but rather the Welsh TV presenter and dance star 

"Many of the following links are to pictures generally considered NSFW. The management is not responsible for any mutations, pain, itching, burns, pollution of bodily essence, or any other unpleasant eventualities resulting from your failure to exercise discretion in clicking." - Wombat, the Rule 5 Dude

Friday Night Babe is Ava Sambora 

BeCos(play) It's Friday

A cosplay gold megapost of Ani-Mia

 Big Boob Friday with Melissa Archer

Photographs of Le Sphinx Club in 1956

Sometimes, I Worry About Toccara's Back

Rule 5 Sexy Thumbnails

Monumental photo blog about Songkran, Thai New Year 

There are a ton of boob enhancement ads in this blog post 
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"The best posts I have seen this week" - Proof Positive Dude

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere?

Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CLXXXIV)

Rodney's far out space

NSFW Fred Dude's awesome ad free blog

Sultress - Caroline Wozniacki

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