Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Morning Coffee - ♪The Day the Music Died♪

Don McLean's magnum opus, "American Pie", is a sprawling, impressionistic ballad inspired partly by...

Songs that were released and were big hits, BEFORE videos were ever conceived. These videos were aired on TV back in 1989, on a show called DEJA VIEW, hosted by John Sebastian.

The Day the Music Died: 

The Night Disco Died

In July 1979, people who brought a disco record to Comiskey Park were admitted for 98 cents (97.9 is WLUP’s position on the dial) to see the Sox play the Detroit Tigers. In terms of draw, it was perhaps the most successful promotion in the history of Major League Baseball. The middling White Sox had been averaging about 18,000 fans a game in a stadium that seated close to 45,000. An estimated 70,000 showed up that day.

After the first game, WLUP personality Steve Dahl and his sidekick, Garry Meier, took to the field to blow up a large box of the collected records as Dahl led the crowd in chants of “Disco sucks!” Soon after the records blew, people flooded the field. They tore out seats and lit bonfires in the outfield. Eventually, the police arrived on horseback...

Sunday Morning Coffee with David Gilmour

Sunday Morning Coffee with Tom Petty
Sunday Morning Coffee with Tina Guo 

Sunday Morning Coffee with Lynyrd Skynyrd

Sunday Morning Coffee with Nina Simone

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